Digital Scholarship @ Leiden

  • Finding Access

    Finding Access

    It's frustrating when you run into (pay) walls when looking for journal articles and time consuming to track down access. These tools can help you do just that from right within your browser.
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  • Datamanagers network event

    Datamanagers network event

    The Centre for Digital Scholarship organises a network event for all datamanagers within Leiden University and the LUMC. Main goal is to get to know each other, learn about the different roles, share best practices and find solutions to common problems.
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  • How Open Access may boost a promising career

    How Open Access may boost a promising career

    As part of its “Open up to open access” campaign to raise awareness about the deals with publishers mentioned in earlier posts, the VSNU interviewed two Leiden PhD candidates on their views on how to promote Open Access publishing among your researchers.
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  • Open Up to Open Access

    Open Up to Open Access

    On May 15th the VSNU, the association of universities in the Netherlands, kicked off a new Open Access awareness campaign titled 'Open Up to Open Access!' Why would that be of interest to you? Because there is a link between open access and impact.
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