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BrowZine: Summer Reading Made Easy

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BrowZine: Summer Reading Made Easy

Summer time, when all the students are away and classes are out, is a great time to catch up on literature you may have missed in the past teaching period. And since so much of our collections are now digital the old-fashioned way of flipping through your accumulated journals to see what you missed isn't possible any more. But using BrowZine you can replicate this serendipitous way of discovering literature. It allows you to easily go through the tables of contents of your favourite journals or discover new journals on your subject. Over 80% of the journals in our digital collection are currently covered by BrowZine.

Screenshot of the web interface of BrowZine and the BrowZine app.
Screenshot of the web interface of BrowZine and the BrowZine app.

Browzine can be used in your browser or in the BrowZine app. If you create an account, you can put your favourite journals on shelves and save articles to read later. In addition, you can share articles you've discovered with colleagues or send them to the reference manager or annotation app of your choice. 

If you want to see BrowZine in action you can watch the video below. You can check it out for yourself at

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