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Do Blogs Need Mission Statements?

Do Blogs Need Mission Statements?

What exactly is the aim of the Connected Leiden Researcher? What are our goals?

In the case of this blog they do, since we, that is Leiden University Libraries, started this blog with a specific aim in mind. We hope to be a resource for scholars who want to use social media to promote their work, especially as it pertains to altmetrics, which are an emerging way to supplement traditional bibliometrics, but also to show they can be leveraged as powerful information-gathering and collaborative tools.

How do we plan to do this?

Each month we'll be providing a closer look at the main sources mined for data to compile altmetrics, such as Twitter, ResearchGate, and Mendeley. We'll look at what a service is and does, at what its benefits can be to you and your research, at relevant tools, and we end the month with a post from or interview with a Leiden researcher who utilises that month's service.

In addition to these weekly posts, in our In Depth section we'll strive to bring you more detailed looks at the services and provide links to other relevant resources. In this way we hope to create a well-balanced resource that can be both used as a reference site and provides more dynamic content.


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