What is it?

Kudos aims to help you create greater visibility for your publications and to allow you to easily monitor the articles across various metrics and platforms, such as publisher information (downloads and views), citations, and altmetrics. Kudos asks you to explain in layman's terms what your publication entails and why it is important to read. It then creates what is essentially a profile page for the article, which makes it easy to share it, including your most important talking points, and allows you to monitor the available metrics on its dashboard.

What can it do for me?

Using Kudos you can easily monitor the effect of promoting your research via social media, blogs and other outlets. Creating the article profile will also allow you to consider your research in a different light when writing the layman's abstract. This can be useful to strengthen your ability to quickly and succinctly communicate about your research in a wider arena. The article profile you create can also include links to presentations, videos, data sets etc. allowing you to share all the information pertinent to an article in one place.

Privacy issues?

There don't seem to be any privacy issues beyond the usual. The privacy policy on the site is clear and easily understood. It is important to know that Kudos states that they may share your information and activity "with your institution, your funder, the publisher or society that published your research or with other parties that have a relationship with you or your research." However, this would only seem to be the case if these parties have a Kudos subscription, so it would depend on your institution and funder. At this point, Leiden University doesn't have such access.

Pros & Cons

- Kudos aims to be a one-stop shop for the metrics of your individual articles.
- Kudos makes you consider your research communication from a different angle thanks to its layman's abstract.
- The article profile enables you to share all the pertinent information related to an article, such as videos or data sets, in one place.
- You can connect your ORCID account to your Kudos account.

- Yet another service to keep up to date.
- Needs a time investment to give maximum results.
- You can only add publications that have a Crossref-indexed DOI.

Who in Leiden?

Dr. Esther van Zuuren (LUMC)
Banne Nemeth MD (LUMC)