Scopus Author ID

Scopus Author ID

What is it?

Scopus Author ID is part of Elsevier's Scopus database. The Author ID is automatically created for any author whose work is included in Scopus. You can't manage this ID yourself, though you can request that IDs be merged when you have more than one ID assigned to your work and you can request corrections to your information quite easily. Additionally, to get the full benefit of the Author ID, such as viewing the h-graph and the analysis of the author output, not to mention actually be able to click through to the articles themselves, you need to be able to access Scopus. Here in Leiden we're not actually subscribed to Scopus so you won't be able to access these features, but you will be able to check for your Author ID using this preview link and to connect it to your ORCID. While it is advisable to double-check whether an Author ID has been generated for you, especially if you are active in the (Social) Sciences or Life Sciences, the Scopus Author ID is the least accessible one for Leiden scholars.

What can it do for me?

The Scopus Author ID allows you to ensure that all of your publications are ascribed to you. If your institution provides access to Scopus, you'll also be able to access citation metrics based on the data included in the Scopus database.

Privacy issues?

Scopus Author ID is covered by the Elsevier privacy policy, which looks solid. Taking the usual caveats into account, there don't seem to be many privacy concerns over Scopus Author ID.

Pros & Cons


  • Easily connected to your ORCID
  • Publication list drawn from the Scopus database, which includes a lot of (Social) Sciences and Life Sciences journals


  • Full functionality only available to authors who have access to the database through their institution
  • You can't actually manage the information included on the ID profile page yourself.

Who in Leiden?

Frank Willem Jansen (LUMC) 
Lorenza Serena Colzato (Institute of Psychology) 
Erik Bos (LUMC) 
Freek Vonk (NMC Naturalis) 
Christine Mummery (LUMC)