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  • Tips and Tricks with Marjan Groot

    Tips and Tricks with Marjan Groot

    Marjan Groot is an art historian for Design and Decorative Art. A senior lecturer and member of the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society, she started a Tumblr last year. I asked her why she chose Tumblr and about her experiences using it.
  • Teaching Through Tumblr

    Teaching Through Tumblr

    As a somewhat less formal, or even frankly informal, form of communication Tumblr has a low barrier to engagement and as such can serve as a great way to interact with many types of public and for many different aims.
  • How to tumble Tumblr

    How to tumble Tumblr

    How do you start a Tumblr, beyond signing up for an account? What are the best practices? As with any social network, Tumblr has its own set of rules and customs. Here are seven things to keep in mind when Tumbling.
  • Tumbling through academia

    Tumbling through academia

    You might have come across Tumblr before as one of the greatest procrastination tools out on the internet. But Tumblr is far more than just gifs, YouTube videos and pretty pictures. It can be a useful tool for academic purposes.