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  • Tips and Tricks with Niels Schiller

    Tips and Tricks with Niels Schiller

    Niels Schiller is a Professor of Linguistics at the Faculty of Humanities and works at the LIBC. He has profiles on both ResearchGate and I approached him for an interview to find out how his experience with the two differed.
  • Level Up Twitter

    Level Up Twitter

    Now that you're on Twitter and have found your feet, how can you take it to the next level? By using power tools! Use Twitter more efficiently and make it less overwhelming.
  • Let Me Translate That For You!

    Let Me Translate That For You!

    Due to the 140 character limitation users have adopted a lot of acronyms to convey meaning without wasting character real estate. But they also make reading tweets seem like decoding a cypher if you aren't familiar with them. Here's a translation guide!
  • Twitter and best practices

    Twitter and best practices

    This month's spotlight is on Twitter, one of the main metrics included in altmetrics. But Twitter is more than just a source for altmetrics, it can also be a valuable information source. What are the best practices for Twitter?