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ORCID Project Update

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ORCID Project Update

Almost a year ago, Leiden University Libraries started their ORCID implementation campaign. With most, if not all, of the technical implementation done, this seemed like a great point to give a bit of an update.

One of those technical accomplishments and in many ways the most important one was the integration of ORCID into our research management system LUCRIS. After some initial hurdles in the implementation process, staff can now add their ORCID to their LUCRIS account and authorise LUCRIS to automatically push newly validated entries out to their ORCID profile. We've created both Dutch and English pages with a detailed explanation of how to set up your ORCID profile in connection to your LUCRIS account. We've also enabled the institutional login, which allows you to log into ORCID with your ULCN account.

In the past year we've seen a steady rise in ORCID uptake among Leiden researchers. We've gone from a starting baseline of about 17% at the beginning of 2017 coverage to a current coverage of about 47%. While we are glad to see that the email campaigns, the information sessions and workshops we've organised  have borne some fruit, we are still far from our end goal of at least 75% uptake amongst our university's academic staff. To get us that final 30% of the way, we'll be organising more workshops, pop-up information stands, and office visits to reach more staff. Keep an eye on the library's website and Digital Scholarship @ Leiden for more announcements on those.

Additionally, to save our more senior staff members the work of entering all of their publications by hand in their ORCID profile, the Centre for Digital Scholarship has developed a service where Leiden researchers can request a BibTeX file of all of their publications included in their LUCRIS account, which can then be easily imported into ORCID. You can request such a file by emailing 

The ORCID implementation project will run until the end of the year. Fingers crossed that we'll make our 75% ORCID uptake target!


Kurt De Belder
Posted on May 23, 2018 at 09:44 by Kurt De Belder

Dear Niels, about a month ago the coverage within LUCL was 44.5%. Hopefully the ORCID workshop on 7 June will lead to a further uptake.

Kurt De Belder
University Librarian

Niels Schiller
Posted on May 23, 2018 at 09:38 by Niels Schiller

At LUCL, we encourage our staff to create ORCID’s if they haven’t already done so. Also, we encourage our staff to participate in the special ORCID workshop given by Mineke van der Salm on 7 June.
I’d be interested to see the coverage within LUCL as well. Would that be possible?

Niels Schiller
Academic Director LUCL

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